Week 10 Challenge Part 2


After asking somebody about my blog, I got some very positive responses.

1. What were your first impressions about the blog?

They said they thought it was very cool and interesting! 🙂

2. What captured your attention?

They said the .gifs and pictures definitely drew their attention.

3. What distracted you on the blog?

They said that the background was a bit distracting in that it drew attention away from the rest of the blog.

4. What suggestions can you give me to help improve my blog?

They said the blog could use more color and could be brighter. I think some more color could definitely help spice up my blog!

I’m glad I got so many positive comments, and I’ll try to incorporate the suggestions soon! 🙂

Week 10 Challenge


Blogging has been a fun learning experience, and I am glad I participated in the 2015 Challenge. I accomplished many things during the challenge, and below I’ll list a few. 🙂

1. I wrote 15 posts! My goal was going to be about 10, but I actually did more than I originally planned!

2. Most of the posts were for school and the challenge, but I still had a lot of fun making them! 🙂

3. I got over 25 comments! 27 to be exact. I can’t believe that 27 people decided to take time out of their day just to write a comment on some random person’s blog! Thanks a lot everyone! 🙂

4. By far, the Fright Fest post got the most comments. Probably because other people had experienced Fright Fest before and wanted to share their experiences with it and that I’m just that amazing. 😉

5. I really enjoyed writing my post about nature because I am currently really interested in space, technology, and all of that cool stuff. I also liked writing about fright fest because it was something I had wanted to share for a while.

6. I changed my theme for Halloween, and I’ll probably change it to a Christmas theme soon!

7. I had 11 widgets, and some, like the ClustrMap, were really fun to use! I also liked my three spooky, scary, skeletons, Fred, George, and Patrick. In fact, I think I’ll keep them even after I switch to Christmas. I think 11 widgets is plenty, and they give a lot of cool information!

8. I don’t know if anyone from overseas visited my blog, but if anyone reading this doesn’t live in North America, thanks for reading and hi!

9. I used themes, images, and .gifs to be creative on my blog! I had a lot of fun finding them! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

The Nature of the Universe


Though some people may not realize it, planets, stars, and galaxies are part of nature just like animals, plants, and mountains. However, they are even farther away from manmade things because we still don’t truly understand them yet. So, one could say that planets and other celestial bodies are perhaps connected more to nature than plants and animals.

Jupiter + Io   10/23/10 Fred Locklear via Compfight

There are still many, many mysteries we have yet to figure out about the universe, and we can only see a small part of it still. The universe is so massive that even though it’s been there for billions of years  there are still parts of it we can’t see because of how slow light is when compared to the size of the observable universe, which is the part of the universe we can see. Even though light is the fastest thing in the universe, it still takes it over 4 years to reach us from the our nearest star other than the sun!

There are countless galaxies in the universe, and each one of those has billions or trillions of stars. It is almost gauranteed that there is life on alien planets somewhere. Currently, NASA thinks that there may be life on Mars! Aliens don’t have to be talking, thinking beings like us, they could even be single celled organisms. Because we can’t see these things without microscopes, we’ll never know these things unless we look really closely; and by we I mean robots on Mars’ surface. The universe is a massive mystery, and even after centuries of gazing into the cosmos we still barely understand any of it. Clearly, nature includes WAY more than what you may have thought.

Nebula Max via Compfight

Hot Dogs!


Hot dogs are a popular type of food in America, and they are often associated with football, baseball, and other sports. Hot dogs are almost always available at certain sporting events, and many people buy them. Hot dogs are basically sausages inside a bun, and they are often eaten with ketchup and mustard. The first known use of the term hot dog occured in 1893, in newspapers such as the Daily Times. Hot dogs are made of mostly meat trimmings, fat, flavorings such as salt, and of course bread in the bun along with any other ingredients added to the hot dog. Most people enjoy eating hotdogs, and they are one of my favorite foods!

Leave a comment on what your favorite food is! Whatever food gets the most votes after a week, I’ll write another post about it! Thanks a lot!

Where I got my information:


Hot Dog Joey Rozier via Compfight


Darkness (Scary Story)


Icy fingers gripped my arm in the darkness.  I wrenched my hand away, and ran even faster away from the thing that was chasing me. I kept running as fast as I could, knowing that if I stopped I would never be heard from again. I didn’t dare stop for a second to catch my breath. I tried to feel along the wall, but quickly removed my hand from the slimy surface. Not that it would have done much good anyway, as the tunnel was completely straight for miles. Up ahead, I saw a light. This was my chance to escape! I sprinted even faster, my heart beating a million miles an hour. Just as I was about to exit the dark, slimy cave, a huge shadow appeared before me. It was a terrible, huge, grotesque shape, with four arms with claws at the end like ten foot spears. Its mouth had venom dripping out of it, the acidic substance eating away at the cave floor. Screaming, I ran back into the cave. Suddenly, pain shot through my back. Then darkness. Only darkness.

Kaiju 6684 Peter Kemmer via Compfight

Halloween Theme!


I am currently using the “monster” theme on edublogs. (this may change in the future) I also added a header and some spooky scary gifs. 🙂 I got the header image from https://pixabay.com/ and I got the spooky scary gifs from http://www.fg-a.com/halloween.shtml .

There are many cool things you can do with text widgets and code, such as adding gifs and cool tools to make your blog more interesting. Hopefully I can find some cool things to add to the blog!

Fright Fest!


One of the most fun things I’ve done with my family occurred very recently. We went to Six Flags Magic Mountain during Fright Fest, which means that at night, people that work there get to dress up and try to scare people. All of my siblings and even some of my cousins came, and we had an amazing time. We went on all sorts of rides, including Lex Luther, a ride that drops you straight down 400 feet, X2, a crazy ride that does corkscrews, loops, and even shoots fire at you, and Full Throttle, the rollercoaster with the biggest loop in the world.  By the time we had finished with the rides we wanted to do, it was dark, and people with masks, fake weapons, and even claws that make sparks on the ground began coming out. To be honest, it was very scary. It’s hard not to be scared when you could be jump-scared by someone any second, it’s dark out, and they have fog machines everywhere. Eventually, we headed towards  the stage, where there were flashing lights everywhere and songs were playing. It was so loud there you had to yell for people to hear you, and your ears hurt if you didn’t plug them. We listened to the songs and watched all of the lights as people sung on stage and the audience cheered. Eventually, we all left the park, and we had been there for over eleven hours. It was by far one of the most fun things I have ever done, and I hope I can do the same thing again someday.

Full ThrottleCreative Commons License Matthew Nelson via Compfight

New Widget!


Today, I added a calendar widget that shows what days I made a post on my blog! Hopefully you find this interesting! Have fun looking for patterns on the calendar!

Images on Blogs


Using images on a blog can be difficult. You can’t just go on google images and select a photo you want to use. You must choose a photo that you are allowed to use, and give credit to the person who made it. A great way to do this is use the Compfight plugin on edublogs  when editing your site. The plugin shows you only pictures you are allowed to use and credits the creator for you. It can be difficult to add images to your posts, but there are many tools that can make this task much easier!

My Favorite Food



There are many foods that I love to eat, such as ice cream, pizza, or cheeseburgers. Pizza is great, and ice cream is too, but overall my favorite food is cheeseburgers. I don’t care whether much about what’s on it, but as long as there is meat, cheese, and a bun it is the best food ever. Cheeseburgers aren’t the most healthy things in the world, and some of them have a ton of calories, but nevertheless I still love them. It’s best to eat healthy foods too, like fruits and vegetables. Sorry if this is a little bit random, but I just love talking about food!

I-N-Out (Dallas) jpellgen via Compfight