Seven Random Facts!


Here are seven random facts about me:

1. My entire extended family loves Boxers. (dogs, not sports!)

2. I can say “Thank you very much” in Japanese.

3. I want to be a rocket scientist or engineer.

4. I have 5 animals living in my house.

5. My favorite ride at Magic Mountain is X2

6. I hate yogurt.

7. Cheeseburgers are my favorite food!

A Night I’ll Never Forget


A Night I’ll Never Forget

Have you ever had a night turn out better than you expected it to? On my little brother’s birthday, we went to a USC football game. I thought it would be fun, but I wasn’t that excited to go. We arrived there about an hour before the game started.  We played football and ate sandwiches while waiting to go into the stadium. Our seats were at around the 30 yard line close to one of the tunnels that lead out of the stadium. Before the start of the game, soldiers from the Navy parachuted down to the field with sparklers on their legs. One of them also had an American flag attached. They looked like shooting stars until they got low enough to see them properly. One after the other, they touched down on the field and removed their parachutes. One of the sparklers failed to turn off, and it was shooting sparks everywhere until someone managed to disable it. It was an incredible sight to see, and something I never would have expected. After the game started, USC quickly scored a touchdown.  We were all so excited.  Everyone in the stands was cheering loudly and giving each other high fives. We expected them to win, but not by as much as they did. We bought hotdogs, popcorn, and red vines, which were so delicious that they were all gone soon after we got them. During the game, we all were trying to  guess what the final score would be. I guessed it would be 42 to 0, my brother thought it would be 49 to 0, and my dad guessed 49 to 7. None of us guessed the actual score, although my dad was the closest. USC won 55 to 6.  I didn’t think that either team would miss a field goal, but in the end they both did. After the game was over, we stayed and listened to the USC Marching Band play. It is USC’s tradition for the band to perform the Alma Mater song at the end of each game with the football players and those fans that stay singing along. They played many different pieces, both songs they played during the game and other new songs like “Shut Up and Dance”. I had a fantastic time at the game, and then got to eat cake and ice cream afterwards! It was an amazing game, and I was so glad I went. Going to the USC football game turned out to be a night I know I will never forget.